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While there is no "official" reunion planned this time, reach out and say hello to your fellow alumni.

Mr. Marshall says,
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DHS79 On FaceBook!

Many of your fellow Alumni are now on FaceBook! With more than 200 out of 485 in our class, its time you get in the game, join FaceBook, and re-connect with your Alumni friends.

Also, don't forget to keep us up to date here at the web site. Update your contact information, write up your favorite DHS memories, and send us news. Let's also work on that 'Lost List' so those who are lost can be found again!

30th Reunion a Spectacular Success

On August 8, 2009 the DHS class of 1979 held their 30th reunion at the Dearborn Country Club. We had 113 Alumni with 27 guests and three teachers show - not bad out of a graduation class of 485!

Tim "The Veep" Rauh pulled off another spectacular event. Read all about it and see the pictures under our Reunions - 30th section.

Teachers get "A+" for Attendance!

At 95 with no signs of slowing down, Ms. Wolfe partied-down with the DHS class of 1979 during our 30th reunion. Ms. Wolfe is quite the party animal, attending another reunion earlier in the day and then heading over to our reunion in the evening. She was thrilled to be part of it, joined in watching the homecoming fireworks and was one of the last to leave at 12:30am.


Original DHS at Garrison

Ms. Wolfe started teaching at the original Dearborn High School location at Garrison avenue and Mason street that eventually became Ray H. Adams Jr. High (opened in 1925, closed in 1985). She then moved over to the current Outer Drive location when it was built in 1956. She is probably the last surviving teacher who started at the original DHS.

Tony Russo, band leader extrodinare, was also on hand to help us celebrate our 30th. With a twinkle in his eye and that musicality in every step, you can't help but have fun and a good time when Tony Russo is around. He adds grace-notes to our symphony of fun!

And Russ Gibb, never shy to tell-it-like-it-is . . . or at least as he sees it!, was another teacher, mentor and friend who came to have fun and re-connect with his students. Like an arrow flying towards its target, Russ Gibb always has a point to make!

Our class truly had a little more "class" that night because of the presence of these fine instructors, and we send out a big "Thank You" to them for their attendance.

April 16, 2016
Miss Wolfe Remembered (July 18, 1914 - April 16, 2016)
Did you know that Miss Wolfe was an inventor?
She received a patent in 1992 when she was only 78 years young!

Here's the Press & Guide story about her passing

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Partying at the 30th!

Partying at the 30th

What an amazing couple of days we shared! You really make this all worth it when you show up, laugh, dance and smile. The ice breaker on Fri was full of drama and surprise, only part of which I will ever divulge. As a hint...
Read the rest of Tim's message under our Reunions - 30th section.

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